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First hard exam filled week of the semester has come and gone. Thank god all of it is over, the exams the stress and what not. After that the semester always feels settled into as if nothing too terrible is on the horizon for the future. Exams were challenging as always but not so terrible as to make you step up your game for classes, sometimes I like when they are so you put your best foot forward for the rest of the semester. I don't think I am going to make it through physics with 100% on everything exam I take other than the final but I should still do okay. Reading the text was a big plus as it always is for me. Did it a little too late for comfort but that can be remedied.

Went to a semi-rave this weekend. Too many guys compared to girls but welcome to HS-C lifestyle as is. Was a reasonably good time though. A few kegs, bonfire and a pretty legit DJ. All that was nice enough, last night was quiet with no real excitement going on. Next weekend should be a little more entertaining, we will have to see though. Nothing wrong than a night of great promise that turns into something completely lackluster.

Still waiting on getting my cell phone fixed which is a good thing as I like the quiet, but a bad thing as people I enjoy or want to get in touch with or for this time unreachable. Oh well it will get there at some point and be alright. People will just get over it anyhow. It is nice to be somewhat out of contact with the rest of the world but I am sure people like my parents will prefer that I had a line of contact other than the internet available. Strange but how do you explain to them that it is nice to have a disconnect from most everyone.

So looking forward to a semi-easy week of learning and what not. Really looking forward to visiting Jenna in Portland over spring break. That seems a way off still but is only really two full weeks away. Hopefully it comes quicker than expected.


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