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The Ease of Failure
Recently had a conversation with a friend from school about the ease of failure. It's an odd concept when you consider it. I often feel bad for people for not "reaching their potential", he a younger person pointed out the problem that comes with getting to close to many people and the problems that can cause. I do not think that it is necessarily good or bad to stay close or far away to people regarding their success in the world; I have even done enough on my own that has not helped others in making success easy. As I get older though, I hope that many of my friends or at least people I value have or take a chance at success, which I believe for them would not necessarily be difficult to do if they chose. My younger friend pointed out that failing or mediocrity if that is what you end up doing is just even easier to do and involves almost no decision making. This is worrisome to me that people perfectly capable of succeeding or at least doing significiantly better than they are would chose to not try at all rather than chose to try a little harder than before. Not even significantly harder, just something more substantial than they have put forth so far.

I am hopeful that there is a group of people out there that share interests with me that is slightly larger than my current group of friends who want to put forth enough effort to improve if not the world, then at least themselves. We all need to evolve all the time.


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