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Semester's End
I never really get what is going on with the end of semester. Thanksgiving break is really screwy in that we come back and have just one week of classes before exams start. You really cannot learn anything new as it takes at least a class period to get back into the habit of studying and reviewing the last topics you touched on the week before. Professors then find it fun to try and give one / two new topics which will not be tested on save for the final exam. I am not sure why they all want to do this, students aren't focused, most of them in fact just are ready to go home and start exams. We should come back to maybe two classes of reviews, two reading days and then the start of exams. We could all get out a week earlier and just start our break. If it doesn't happen this way we should add another week or two of classes we can actually sit down and learn the last few topics discussed and we can just get out closer to Christmas which is fine as well. The one week of classes is just kind of half ass and not worth it. Fix this schools.

The rest of semester I don't really mind. The hectic work schedule and collection of final projects really makes it feels like you have accomplished something throughout the semester. It is more of a reward and hopefully a collection of really good work that shows where you have come throughout the semester. Or at least a semester of pretty good work in some classes. At least it really makes me feel that I have learned something and the last big projects and test are just a reflection of how much you have gotten out of four months of work in a variety of topics. I just really like to have those last "rewards" which show you that these months weren't in vain and you are further along in your academic development than you were before. Oh well, time to get back to work on these last few projects and wrap up some grading. Should be some good fun, will be nice to have a nice long break to refresh and recharge before starting spring semester fun.


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