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This infuriates me about our college scheduling to no end. Every semester, every course somehow plans to have a test or major project due within a half week time frame of each other. I don't mind doing the work to memorize certain modes and formulas to be prepared for all of these things, in fact I agree I should be tested on them, I would just like some decompression time. I guess this is somehow preparing me for the real world of due dates and finality. Having worked in the real world it is more like taking one class at a time with a mix of daily testing and the occassional big project that either requires a good amount of overtime if not prepared for or a little extra work each week or day. Nevertheless I will continue to focus through the beginning half of this week so I can decompress in the latter half.

The extra hour of sleep was nice going into today. Unfortunately it is time to wipe away the cobwebs and take on today with a deliberate focus. The semester is fast winding down and that is always somewhat surprising to me. It is only two more weeks before Thanksgiving break and after that Finals will be starting up again. Grades and grading will surely be busy but not overwhelming. Looking forward to being home and seeing the old gang again during Winter break. All this always seems to go by much too quickly sometimes. I enjoy those times when you can take a step back and reflect about whats been accomplished in this period and how it truly is quite a lot. Completely losing yourself in the day to day makes you forget both the good things you have accomplished as well as forgetting where you are going. It is nice to be able to write here and reflect on both. It is like getting a good battery recharge. Updating the mp3 player today with some Beatles and Dylan, definitely brought on by the Job's autobiography.

If you get a chance it was worth reading, even if you aren't the biggest apple fan, and most of you know that I most certainly am not. Definitely a man with a style and a belief that followed it whole heartedly and that is something that is something that is worth reading about in my mind. So easy for politicans to say that we need more people with that kind of creativity and drive in modern business, I don't think Steve saw himself as overly political nor do I think most business people do. They are just trying to create something awesome that they see a need for in humanity. Being a creator is empowering as much as it seems terrifying to me. We will have to see what happens in the future.


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