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Happy Birthday
So today I turn 27, oh how time flies. I have been now updating this for ten years, which is pretty crazy. While there is an urge to go back and see where I was before in life, looking forward to the future is the plan. So far spending the day at my Sister's place in Hickory just looking forward to drinking some red wine and eating some pizza and enjoy the wastefulness of this Jersey Shore marathon. Also checking out a little physics homework and a little organic chemistry which should be fun. Just nice to be not in a dorm room for a while and sleep on an air mattress that I can completely roll over on again. So thats the goal for the rest of the day.

School has just been going really well this semester. Just has been a fun couple of months of learning and exploring the world around me and really changing the lens that you view the world in. It is really just amazing when you realize that we can not really sense so much stuff that is going on around us as far as wave systems and molecules go. Really interesting to see if we can build systems to affordably start to understand these things and our observations of these systems will really help us understand what is going on in the world. Science is really awesome in that way, there is just so many avenues to explore and attempt to understand.

After this nice relaxing day of battery recharging it will be fun to go back and really put in an intense week of work as it is a short time now between this weekend and Thanksgiving and much shorter between Thanksgiving break and finals. I just am so pumped to keep going forward with all of this in the next year or two. Just excited, I am glad that as I get older I am so excited about what is possible for the future. Here's hoping for another great year and a lot of great stuff to come.


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