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As we all get older, I often hear people talk about how birthdays are unimportant or forgettable. This is not at all the case for me. I look forward to my birthday all year. Not that the presents or parties are likely to be as memorable as some of the ones in years past every once in a while either of those creates really memorable experiences. Even over the last two years where I am away from my friends and families there is still quite no outpowering of love that you get as when its your birthday. This is captured really awesomely by Facebook where you see people receive comments in the hundreds wishing them a happy birthday and a good year. While I am still absent from Facebook the simple letters, emails and text messages are just as good to me. Maybe there is less volume in them but they are all more heartfelt and took a little effort to make.

What I do have trouble with these days, which I blame school for, is keeping track of which week of the month it is so I will have any real idea when my Birthday is going to happen. I really thought we had a whole other week of October to enjoy before we reached the last week but here it is already. I guess time just flies when you do not have a calendar to look at. As for birthdays though while they may not signal a rite of passage anymore for us over 21, it does show how much we have been able to affect the people around us. If nothing else each birthday is a reminder that we only have so much time left to do something awesome and we should all be trying to do something awesome. If I ever run for anything that is going to be my slogan "...because we all should do something awesome." I don't know if giving me power is anything awesome though but I would push for the ideal world I dream of and I think others should go for that as well.

Also what the hell happened to rock and roll music circa 2011? Do we still make it anymore. Sorry "Pumped up Kicks" just doesn't cut it to me. Where are the Springstein's of our generation? I don't know I am sure it will come back, there are a lot more birthdays to be had an reflect on things like how music was never better than when I was sixteen, which is untrue, but why not?

Those were the best days of my life? Nah the best are always ahead of me.


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