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Emotional Cutting
Do people ever love in that crazy, immature, teenage way that we do the first time. Is a later love ever as great as that first one? Yeah, fuck yeah it is. We might have trouble getting in the mood for it but yeah of course. People just have to stop thinking about everything in that superficial mature way. Oh I am afraid to be hurt to love like like that again, we all do it. Whether you worry about making ass of yourself or getting hurt, that is the stupid stuff that stops you from feeling, from falling head over heels. For making some magical mind blowing connection with someone. Even our basic friendship connections, how often as we have all aged do we really share some small special and hidden part of ourselves. I hide all of those, what secrets can someone keep buried, almost all of them if you want too.

Maybe its being afraid of our childish ways, maybe its something you would rather have forgotten but its part of what made you who you are. It has helped you get to being who you are. Those thing will shape you in the future one way or another. Bad past doesn't guarantee bad future and vice versa. We learn and adapt and change, we always change and we often forget it. Whether we change our surroundings, our hair, our attitudes we all shift. We aren't the same cells we were born with and different synapses have been made and disconnected and that is all really powerful stuff. Lets keep the good stuff and try to get rid of the bad and make something beautiful of it all.

I sometimes don't know what the fuck I am doing here, what I am creating, what I am being led by and its okay I am going to keep going and I will change my world and maybe your world and it will be for the better. You may change mine too and it will be for the better and if we all push together we can make something beautiful and new.

So let's go, heroes!


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