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For a long time I really disliked the Beatles, no particular reason just I don't know they were the Beatles, you are supposed to like them. Anyone who reads this will get that is exactly why I wouldn't even bother with the Beatles. Turns out that was really dumb. The Beatles are awesome in a lot of ways. For a band who was only out ten years they were pretty awesome. Not the best song writers even if you combine the talents of McCartney / Lennon / Harrison they still aren't Dylan to me but yeah they can sing and have much more complex musicality behind them which is worth points in general listenability. They also lack the stage presence of say Queen's Freddy Mercury who along with Jagger really set the stages for live stage performance / audience connectability. I mean you can watch a video of Mercury and still be like I will stand up because you signaled me to stand up. But the Beatles man shit they are great, someone should have beat me over the head with this stuff earlier. I didn't even realize how many Beatles songs I liked because some of their stuff sounds so crazy different that the others.

Alright off the Beatles rant, turns out I love Chemistry or at least I am good enough to enjoy studying it now for two years. Crazy this isn't the awesome-ness of Physical Chemistry just Organic Chemistry but of course I expect them all to be reasonably good. I have now acquired a good deal of cyclohexane models and am slowly building a crystalline structure. A true crystal I think needs a minimum of 52 carbons which I think they will realize I have taken them all before I get to that point unfortunately. I am trying to enlist the other ChemKids to donate their cycolohexane models to me. They all think they are going to have some actual use in seeing molecules or some such I don't know if that is really the case but its a cute thought. Also taking physics which is surprisingly easier than I remember H.S. physics to be which is either I am better at doing the work for it or I was well prepared, either way I will take it and enjoy it.

All this doesn't help me at all decide at what I should do with my life, which I am really isn't really important. Not that I can't do something awesome with what I do decide to do but there is a lot of stuff to work on that is cool and worth putting time into. Yay learning and stuff. Oh, saw Richard Dawkins speak at Lynchburg which was fun. Not as awesome as some of his TED talks which if anyone reads this (probably, not) should totally be looked at if you haven't yet.

Computer information for Fall 2012:
1. I am capable of building my own computer completely from scratch; which I always assumed was doable but no I have empirical evidence to support this.
2. If you have the processing power and RAM; KDE is worth running. It is very pretty in all of it's Linux goodness.
3. The speed of SSD's are crazy and very noticeable in relation to HDD. I read this many times in tech journals but until you have one you don't really understand.
4. I really need some good CPU speakers and a webcam which will take some time to fine but not too much I am sure.

Reading update Fall 2012:
1. Lots of low class reading - Grossman's Magician King Carey's Naamah's Blessing. Neither of which should qualify for any literary awards anytime soon but aren't bad time wasters.
2. Reading for intellectual exploration - some Rand, Freud, Goethe, Marx. All over the place have some Nietchze again on the horizon.
3. Received probably 20 history books from my Grandfather which I should make a dent on at some point, but won't for years in all probability. Politicians while occassionaly world shaping aren't always that awesome.

Alright now I guess it's 2am I have to be up at 8am for breakfast at 8:30 then prepping a Physics practical. Then trying to hold back the craziness of O. Chem study session and having a sometime conversation with Jenna on G-Chat probably. Then fall break and seeing my parents for the first time in three months.


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