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Old Poetry
Dark and Somber autumn eves
From the trees fall, dying leaves
Which is springtime had so nicely bloomed
yet only reaching their fated doomed

As the months get colder still
Most of the leaves have lost their will
Down to the ground they gently descend
With nothing time nor space can now amend
to put them back on barren branches
to give them back those desperate chances
of lost life & fair lover's glances

Passing by a springtime morning
Surely now in autumn lover's are not mourning
For true love's fate surpasses time or space
Captured solely on a fair lover's face
Never to wither as like the dying leave
So for dead love one should never grieve
For does love have possibility to perish
Not when forever there be hearts to cherish
Those lover's time that was spent together
Those lover's words of such forever
Not bound by death, fate or plan
Now love isn't in control of mortal man
Or divine beings of any plane
Can not make true loves feelings wane
Like changing moon or passing season
True love surpasses both rhyme and reason

Such is how I feel for you
Starting upon the autumns changing hue
And even though beautiful leaves may decease
Love for you doth not but increase
As time of distance may draw us "apart"
You'll forever remain inside my heart
Loved purely as the day love was conceived
ever shall for my love I'll ever grieve
Yet for beauty not able for my eyes to behold
And tales of your magnificence that shall be foretold
Such pains me now so to miss such things
Wishing forever that I'd have wings
So to fly and gaze upon your splendid being
Where only perfection are my eyes are seeing
Venus doth not compare with thee
or any flower in ground or on tree
To compare your eyes with beautiful gems and stones
Would be to little credit of your eyes own
For fairer such is but your face
Than anything I've seen in any place
To speak about your body though
Is a tale that but few know
And being such of those lucky few
I shall spare but a verse or two
To speak of fair body's magic
Which away from my eyes is nothing less than tragic
Skin that is so tender and fair
Rays of sunshine compete for her hair
Succulent breasts with tender skin
Which house that beautiful heart within

I wrote this probably back in 2002 / 2003 and was part of a rather large collection of poetry. Sadly most of this got lost and destroyed. So in efforts to keep one of those moments saved and alive, I will keep this here in hope that it will be alive forever on the web in one way or another and capture a part of me that though makes me uncomfortable at points definitely is a part of me. Some days I am upset that I got rid of all those poems, but at the same time you cannot regret it too much. Hopefully I can continue and write poems that I really like in the future.

Nothing of note at the moment, choosing classes for the Fall tomorrow or later this morning if you want to look at it that way. It is time for bed at this point though and I better be getting there. Also hoping to pick up a Barbour jacket this spring / summer for next fall / winter / early spring. Still looking around for another camera for the beginning of next year or the beginning of the school year next year. Looking at an iteration of the Canon 5d or the Nikon D700. Will likely depend on pricing more than anything as I cannot find any great reason to lean on one system over the other.

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