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Silly Poetry
What we see beyond the moon,
Shimmers through the dark and guides us forth
Parting the veils of our world
Guiding us to places of worth

And on that moonlit path
I stumbled into a phantom of my love
Was she shadow or something more
Could I trust the lights from the moon above

Yet she danced upon my path
And so I trailed after her smiling face
Until she darted into the darkness
She seemed to vanish without a trace

Was I to stray from my enchanted lane
To chase something that I had just imagined
Or should I trust the light ahead of me
The choice stole from me all reason
But cannot there be someone else I love ahead of me
Are we to believe that love and hearts split so
So I followed my elder love into the land of faerie
This world of reason I shall never again know

There is nothing I enjoy more at four in the morning than writing poetry and during my stay at Northeastern my late nights were filled with poetry between epic nights of playing warcraft. I may have even been pretty good at it at one time or another so I probably should look to work on that again as there is really no reason to avoid doing so other than my fair that it is completely crap, which maybe true. No reason to not love it at this stage in my life and see what I can do by playing with it and really taking a chance. Hope everyone in livejournal land is doing well, I am studying for a number of things tomorrow after finishing a paper and a take home exam for etymology. It has been a busy day and will continue to be a busy semester. I will try to avoid this credit overload crap in the future. It seems to make sense that I do. Even I am willing ot admit that I am getting much to old for this.


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