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I always find a way to stumble back on this when I am in a sentimental enough mood of my late high school life. It is one of the only times I start to look back on what I am now as old or at least has had a good amount of life experience. Obviously there is still a lot of it left to go but it is always a quick snap back to the past. When you re-read what you wrote it reminds me how far I have come at least as a writer, if not as an emotional being in general. How overly hormonal and overly emotional do those old entries seem, filled with feelings, yearnings and passions that swallowed me whole. There are times when I wish to be so over filled with feelings again, but at the same time I do my best to protect myself from such moments so it seems unlikely.

School in Virginia is well school and as I am treating it more like a job, the more it gets done successfully and probably for once in a really thorough and growing way. It is at those times when I feel like an adult truly that I can grow in a controlled and planned way and take in what I need to get where I am going. I am glad to see like most online journaling medium hasn't completely gone away as I have seen the end of way too many social media already, this being one of the most intimate that I have always liked the most, for its perceived intimacy, but being the intimate it isn't really is it.

Oh well, time to really begin the day and stop dwelling in past memories and past times which must be acknowledged but not allowed to be overwhelming. Hope everyone is doing well out there if there are people who still read these things.