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On Vox: Konstantine

I really don't like the band Something Corporate all too much, on the other hand, I really love their song Konstantine.  I don't even know what it is about, someone told me recently it was a suicide track, doesn't matter.  Its long and dramatic and grand in all the right way.  The song crescendos throughout and just gets even more sing along like as it nears the climax with a slight diminuendo towards the end of the track.  It just reminds you of youth and the desperation of love then.  "Then you bring me home, afraid to found out that we're alone", how every one is afraid to find out that even when you are at your happiest together you are ultimately alone.  How scary it all seems and vaguely insightful for a teenage sob song. 

Overall I really appreciate the art of writing a good song for teenagers, as I think they are much more complex than anyone gives them credit for.  Of course they are more aptly termed young adults because they are adults that are still trying decide the right way for them to act and you will not ever get the same reaction in every situation from two of them no matter how similar they are.  The desperation of Konstantine triggers that for me, to me its glamorous and sad and if it is about suicide or death together or death alone its big over the top and glamorous not sad or anything to be depressed about.  Maybe their is something glamorous in the dark and morbid that we are seeing in society these days with our recent fascination of the undead whether in vampires, werewolves or zombies.  There is beauty in the dark, but it is still frightening.  In a time where any information is available to most of the western world through the internet we welcome to the surrender to the dark nature to unknown of the night.  Perhaps we are to see a new romaticism flow through as we come to realize that we crave some isolation and detachment from the instant communication of cell phones, the internet and people around us.  Do we long for wide open spaces to think or crowded streets were we aren't even noticed.  All alone together or longing for space to enjoy the introverted thought granted by solitude.  Perhaps we are at the precipice of something grand, perhaps not.   

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