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Spring 05 = done
Principles of Acct II B-
Econ of Deveoloping Countries B+
Calculus II B
Managerial Finance and Control B

Semester GPA 3.0 Total Credit Hours 17

Not bad overall though I should have been able to get a B+ in Calc II and Acct II if I would have tried harder and probably an A in Managerial Finance. Oh well this summer should be better for classes at least and only two more years until graduation. I am faxing over the grades this afternoon and have already told RIC to forward along my transcript to Bryant so it will be nice to hear from them and plan out the next years there which there should be two of.

For summer classes this year I am doing

Calculus III M-Th 10:00am - 12:00pm (first session)
Heritage of Asian Philosophy M-Th 04:00pm - 06:00pm (second session)

After that the Bryant years will hopefully begin. Kind of anxious to hear back from the transfer admissions people and then start planning out hopeful internships for the summer of 2007 so at least I have some experience going into the job force in 2008.

Summer will be regretably filled with two many courses though I will be trying to play golf every friday with my grandfather as we have been playing on thursday as it was my only day off. Other than that no good summer plans. Maybe take a small road trip at the end of the summer with Jen. I am heading to NYC this saturday for some shopping and to see Lestat the musical which has gotten terrible reviews but oh well at least it will be a good two days off from work. I also have a massage scheduled tomorrow am at 11. Maybe make a trip up to Boston on Thursday afternoon as well if my mother is up for it and its not raining again.

Congrats all NEU kids for graduating!


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Sometimes I forget that I am Jen. Like when I see it written. I'm all huffy, who's this JEN he's talking about ROADTRIPPING WITH! And then I realize it's me. Awkward.

Congrats on Calc II. I was sure you'd do well.

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