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New Music
Recently been listening to Artic Monkey and The Automatic, both British brash guitar / dance rock.

School is going well(ish) have two exams next week seem like I can't have just one exam one week and one exam the next instead I am faced with this horrible set-up where I have to spend time studying for one only to have to jumping completely into reviewing for the other which has already happenned once this quarter with my midterms being on a M,T,W and me working both on Sunday and Monday night made those more studying than they were worth.

I should not worry really at least not too much for this first one I have been slowly recopying notes and reviewing the text for the last two - three days doing a little bit at a time and am currently just re-reading the notes I have and will maybe go back and check out a couple specific things in the text if I feel like I have to go into anymore depth on any of these topics. My other exam which I have done problems for is in Finance on Friday which I've done problems for but really have to sit and do a lot of problems for and make sure its all second nature, you know no hesitation this is bond valuation, stock valuation problem quicker recognition. I will try not to forget my calculator either which wasn't all too fun for my last exam in that class. I should also read the chapters which I haven't yet for that class.

I've read two books this week, Freakonomics and The Bonfire of the Vanities. The latter I had started late last week actually so it wasn't like I did both books in one week or anything. I don't know why it matters if you are reading this you know I am at least a little dorky. Both were good, I like reading and wish I had more time for it because I think it helps me do better in the rest of my life much like weight lifting does. Improves your capacity for other functions I guess though I don't know how exactly that works it just seems I can concentrate more on other things after accomplishing something like Jenna mentions with accomplishing little things on a list makes you feel like you've got work done and then can work on bigger / more challenging projects.

Thinking about taking a trip all buy myself to somewhere a lone and quiet this summer as Jenna is going away. Maybe just like two or three days alone somewhere with no human noise around me. I just read an article about some guy kayaking down rivers in France then camping on the banks just to be alone maybe I'll go driving somewhere and just stay a night or two in some cheap motel just letting go for a little while and enjoying what's around rather than worrying about school, future, work any other concerns that are shoved on us in our lives. I'd actually really like to go back to Otakon this year.

Alright going to work out then shower / shave and then finishing studying this stuff so I can ace this exam and what not because I am sick of being afraid of it anymore so I am just not going to be.

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we'll see how it goes

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