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And we're back
After a good six days at home, back in Virginia for all sorts of fun, not really though. There is just over a week of classes left then two reading days and exam period begins. I should map out my actual exam schedule, something I never do until exams are right on top of me and I have to study or prepare to grade during that period, both of which will end up overlapping in the most unhelpful way if Murphy's law holds true for this semester.

Nothing else much important going on. Not into the holiday spirit and never will be until I have real holiday shopping to do (ie a child or spouse) or school is out for the holiday. I really cannot stand the month long Christmas music / holiday specials that always dominate the next month and a half of media time. Combined with the fact that it is very warm in Virginia it just doesn't feel at all like Christmas / December until I get home for the holidays.

Was nice to see everyone or at least everyone I could see over break. Wish there was more time for some good one on conversations but those are always hard. Maybe more towards Christmas those will arise. Talked with my parents about feeling distant from all the old guys back home which will happen as I am not really home for a good three months of the year and won't be home for more than that for quite some time if ever again. It is just sad as they all share intricate parts of your life and your past which no one else will. It is hard to build and rebuild those type of strong / intense friendships again. Jenna and I have talked about it more than once at how challenging that can be. It is a challenge to work at both trying to create more of them and preserve the ones that you have. Something to keep working on as I keep going forward.

Alright time to get to some homework for tonight. Just waiting for the semester to be over. Just too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all in unfortunately.


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