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Yay pay raise finally came in

More yay pay raise retroactive from 325 hours ago

Non yay most of this money is spoken for.

Decisions Decisions
As I can't choose which course I would rater take its up to everyone on my friends list to decide for me. Of course I have ultimate vetoing power but here are my two choices for possible economic classes this term:

Economics 431: Labor Economics (Tu,Th 8AM)
The structures and operations of human resource markets are analyzed, including pricing and allocation of labor resources, wage differentials, income distribution, discrimination, and unemployment. Public and private investment expenditures on formal schooling and on-the-job training are included.

Economics 422: Economics of Developing Countries (M,W 11AM)
This course examines the characteristics of developing countries and of the process of economic development. Topics include poverty, inequality, unemployment, capital formation in industry and agriculture, and the effects of foreign trade and aid.

Good luck all may the best course win.

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I got up today at six am. At first wondering why I was up and thought I was going to be sick again which was the usual sequence when I was woken up for the last couple of days. This morning though nothing but a sharp pain in my stomach. Approaching this logically I figured hey if I'm not going to be sick I just as well take the pain for hunger. I went downstairs and started off with two slices of dried toast and some gatorade. After that remained down and my stomach still hurt I concluded I was really hungry and proceeded to have some blueberries, a bowl of cereal, and then a bagel, ham, egg and cheese sandwich. This left we feeling much better and I am glad I am finally relieved from this cruel unforgiving stomach bug of the last two days.

Now as the clock approached seven, I realized that my day was relatively empty seeing as I don't have class until three o clock this afternoon. I took a look outside to see the day get gradually brighter and as I sipped my tea it made me happy. The whole new day (new semester), not sick start over fresh was laid out before me with a covering of white snow over the neighborhood. It was a truly tranquil moment, I realized then the joy of being up before most of the world gets up or at least being up before most of the world is happy being up. I really enjoy mornings a lot more now and find that I would rather go to bed at an earlier hour to enjoy the unrushed pace of an early morning with many hours of a good day stretched out before you.

I then plotted out how I would use my time today, with a good work out, shower, packing of school supplies a nice warm bowl of soup in the afternoon and then off to class. Its days like these that remind me no matter how materialistic I become in life that the moments in life are the important things which is a lesson I hope will always be drilled into my head.

Have a good day.


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I wish I was cool enough to hang with Han.

Boston Trip
OK if you hadn't heard yet the Boston trip has been moved to this Friday, August 19th. As I will be working Thursday night, and I know a couple of you have classes etc so the plan is to take the train from South Attleboro at 1:52pm getting into Back Bay station at 2:45. This isn't up for debate and if you would rather go on your own schedule that is fine by me as well I am sure with the modern things like cell phones and what not we can all meet up at certain times.

Prior to this if we anyone would like to get together for lunch at Olive Garden right near said train station at around noon time that would probably be fun as well, post here if this is to your liking because if we have more than five people who are into this at this time I would really like to have call ahead seating or what not so we don't even come close to missing the train.

Things I would like to do in Boston:

Musuem of Fine Arts - $13 dollars and is open until 9:45 though I don't think we will need that much time
Dinner at some point - Bertuccis came up but other suggestions are appreciated
Public Gardens - Bring frisbee / soccer ball something outdoorsy
Newbury / Copley / Prudential - All your shopping needs
Downtown Crossings
Visit with Joel McCoy and incorporate him into as many events possible - Joel I need your feedback if this is even possible as I know you are Japanese these days.
Arcade - I don't know if the NU one is open though I have my ID which has some games DDR / Pool / Soulcaliber 2 but any good arcade would be fun.

Anyone else who has voiced any opinion on these things you probably should voice any opinion here because if any of these ideas sound not to your liking I don't want to have you along just to be there. I don't want to conduct huge walking tours of Boston and if you aren't going to participate or have the courage to go do things you want or make suggestions or in general enjoy yourself please don't show. Hopefully this isn't the case with anyone and hope to see you all there.

-Thomas Duhamel

On A Completely Different Note:
I started playing Freecell this summer and really like it. Here are my statistics

Total 96%
Won 124
Lost 5

Wins 53
Losses 1
Current 42 wins

Learning kinda...
Finished War and Peace. The fact that the epilogue was longer than a good deal of books I've read is still kinda crap in my opinion. Overall it was interesting and as far as using the work to point out that Tolstoy had an amazing ability to understand life.

Not in the way that he was any good at life really, but in the way that his writing shows the reader he could make life understandable. The characters and plot lines were extensive, from countries to individuals. You really could have made it two books one on Tolstoy's thoughts on the events leading up to, the actual invasion of Russia, and the after effects of the major players mostly generals and political figures. The second on the lives of the individual Russian nobility during these events.

If you are to assume that one has no learning on Napoleonic history or even the typical Western Civilization history that manages to compact those events into a mere class I could understand how Tolstoy or any author / historian would see the need to explain the action and justify the bigger picture so you could have a better understanding of the individual actions taken place, but I thought it was completely unnecessary. The fact that you had to drone through the fact that Tolstoy believed the events of history were largely determined not by one man or group of men as history courses seem to point out, but were the history and times were largely controlling these men who by chance became put into seeming positions of power. Tolstoy spends at least 300 pages getting that idea through your head with a huge array of examples just in that period of a few years were Napoleon went from the height of his power to exile and death.

The more appealing part of the novel is the character sketches of the Russian nobility of that time. Though the war has effect on all of the characters it doesn't completely shape or capture who they are. Tolstoy himself does a much better job of showing them for real and believable people who develop / change and age appropriately. He captures a wide spectrum of human behaviors through them as well as feelings and thinking processes that are each truly unique. You see in all of them striving to live and I as a reader came to see that is was these people who either bravely grabbed the standard and marched forward or who ran away in the face of danger shapes the world. Tolstoy praises the invisible quiet cogs in the machine of the army as well as the social strata and through this light you come to appreciate them a lot more than the people that were simply waiting for a reward for their supposed actions and who needed to speak up complain and come up with big ideas, which were completely useless.

War and Peace was a book I didn't know if I would ever finish, kind of like Joyce's Ulysess that just sits there and threatens my mind to change, shape and morph it in ways that I can't possibly imagine. I guess War and Peace had some of that effect but in the end I value it more for being something you had to perserve through that you had to be slow and steady and trudge through like a thick snow. Reading it points out the fact not that I am any more well read or better ready to face the world around me through a new mode of thought presented to me through an author or a characters way of life, but that I am ready to tackle the next couple years of life to take it year / month / week / day / hour at a time and that no matter what you'll get where you want to go if you want it enough. I made it through this book not because it was enjoyable or anything new and interesting but because I wanted to, needed to infact.

Did I pick up the book begrudingly some nights before bed without a doubt but somedays we have to get up and go on whether we want to or not and War and Peace just makes it easier for me. As sometimes it seems like we may be getting no where or that life has is just going to be work every once in a while we are thrown a moment that we truly enjoy a revelation and maybe like Pierre Bezuhov, who comes to find his inner peace after struggling with various political and spiritual doctorine, we come to find happiness this way that you can't look for contentment and happiness it merely finds you. A lot of media and teachings have come to paint a picture that life is going to be all roses, people tell us doing something you truly l've will fill you with happiness. I don't know if anyone ever finds something like that whether a job or a situation that fills you with contentment everyday.

Such love comes with enjoying the little things and though we may try to find the good in everything the fact that we are looking for such obscures our views. Like looking through a lenses so long that you don't even realize is on your eye. It is merely living day to day and being able to appreciate that in your heart that fills you with happiness to find love in life, the god, the world whatever you want to call it. To come to the realization that no matter how much worse or how much better you imagine your life can get is not truly important that no matter the situation you are put in it is where you are and if you want to survive you will.

Now I realize I am rambling so point of entry I read War and Peace I'm sorry if this blocked up your friends page.

-Thomas Duhamel

Group Trips
Anyone who is interested who reads this I was thinking about a good group Boston trip on August the 26th. It's a Friday. You are welcome to come and leave anytime you want I understand people have school and work commitments that you just have to attend but I think it would be a generally good time. Anyone who reads this is invited and I just ask you to confirm on a comment here.

I was thinking we can all have lunch down in the NS area get on a 12 / 1pm train and stay until 10:30 or so. I'm all up for ideas I was thinking MFA, Newbury, Copley, Food somewhere, Bother Joel if he is alive / available. So RSVP for that when you can.

Summer Grades 05
Grades for Summer 05

Buisness Statistics II - B+
Computers in Management - B+

Semester GPA - 3.33

So begins hopefully my last year at RIC and I plan to set myself up to do well. After two and a half years I have finally come to understand how I should use College and the freedoms it's grants me. The stability of my life is really helpful in that regard and I hope I can continue to excel at this and not ever need this long for an adjustment ever again. I am only 20 well going on 21 and I should finish school by the time I am 22 going on 23 and either start Business school or head out in the fun world of financial America which I really can't wait for.

With the absence of school 18 hours of the week I have been busy filling my schedule with such fun events as seeing Jenna and reading. The first is always enjoyable and I really appreciate her being there for me. On the other I am reaching the 3/4 way point in War and Peace which although a monstrosity of a read that I could only ever imagine a 19th Century Russian endeavoring to do, it is enjoyable for its characters if nothing else. Sadly I am voting for the French in this case and history tells me I am doomed to be disappointed. I also just finished You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming which took all of two days in its 160 pages of rather enjoyable reading.

Other than that the summer is filled with its usual mass of working out though sadly at home as I don't have a gym membership or seemingly anytime where I could venture to the gym. I really miss going there as I had made a lot of friendships or at least acquantainces many of whom really helped improve subtle technique and form which probably would have never been fixed. I also continue to work 10 - 8 most nights at CVS and this week will find myself well over 40 hours much to the dismay of the management staff which I am sure I will be reprimanded for, not after depositing my handsome paycheck in the bank.

Other than that have watched a lot of good movies this summer and really am enjoying it as an art of story-telling much more than I used to. I come to appreciate movies in some sense as I appreciate books filled with my own commentary in my head and appreciation for the craft of movie making as much as the finished product. Not sure if that is the step one should take or if you should just sink into the mindlessness of moviedom something tells me that the solution isn't there.

Hope everyone else is having a good summer or at least a partially enjoyable one. Hope to run into some of you more if time permits. We should really plan a day of beach debauchery at some point get back to me on who is free when and who would be up for such a wiley scheme.

-Thomas J Duhamel

Probably Shouldn't Read Unless Interested in my Schooling
So I signed up for summer classes today, yippie I am so not excited but hey at least I won't have to take them at some other point hopefully.

CIS 251 Computers in Management: Tu,Th 6:00-8:50PM
MGT 249 Buisness Statistics 2: M,W 6:00-8:50PM

That's all really that's been going on, I guess. I saw Star Wars Episode 3 it was generally okay though I don't suppose it was anything to write home about. Work has been as normal as it is going to be and I got my scheduled changed so I have both Wednesday and Thursday night off in a row hopefully for as long as I end up staying there. If I do well on these calsses I can hopefully pick up my GPA enough that I can apply to Bryant after Fall but it will more than likely end up being after Spring semester.

Other than that life continues on in its normal way generally. I am kinda excited about the summer and these clasees only last until July first leaving me the later half of the summer for something fun to do but probably more than likely just to concentrate on work and recoup a little before I start fall semester where I can hopefully take another five classes.

Song AnswersCollapse )


Spring 05 Grades
Principles of Mircoeconomics - B
Western Literature - A-
Western History - B+
Quantative Buisness Analysis 2 - A
Buisness Statistics - B

Semester GPA - 3.412

Not too shabby overall. One week off and then time for summer classes.

Stolen from Jo-Anna
ID Song Quiz

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4. When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the correct name of the song next to it.

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2. Everyone in town / Wanted to be around you / This went on for awhile / Until they finally found you
3. Fear of love or bitter vanity / That kept me on the run / The main events of my confession
4. In this life we've come so far / But we're only who we are / With the courage of love / To show us the way
5. What's with the blush / Fresh off the plane in my fuzzy rush / Everyone's gathered to idolize me
6. And you say take this / This medicine is just what you deserve / Swallow, choke, and die.
7. Remember the day / I set you free / I told you you could always count on me darling
8. Madman drummers bummers, Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat
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11. Think you're kinda neat / Then she tells me I'm a creep
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15. Brace yourself with the grace of ease / I know this world ain't what it seems.
16. I just want to misbehave / I just want to be your slave
17. Deliver me from reasons why / You'd rather cry, I'd rather fly
18. Baby, sometimes I'm so carefree / With a joy that's hard to hide /And sometimes it seems that, all I have to do is worry / And then you're bound to see my other side
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20. Girl, hold in my arms so tight / Girl, underneath the starry night / Everything may be alright, be alright / Girl, catch elusive love we might

Have fun, I know at least some of you have heard some of these so don't say otherwise.

School Ending Kinda?
Well on to my last exam today in the fun subject of Statistics. It is likely to be the most challenging, so I am may study for it sometime today so I am better prepared. After that I think I have a week or two off until my summer class which happens to be Statistics 2 starts on May 24th. I am excited about the time off and the fact that this class will be over within a month and still give me a pretty significant part of the summer to have a good time with. I wish I could find a class to take Summer Session 2 but alas there is nothing I can find so I am just going to have wait until fall.

I updated my lj icons and layout after a long period of neglect. It made me feel semi-accomplished. Its funny how doing little clean up things like that can still give you a feeling that you have gotten something done and its kinda nice in that retrospect. Works fine I think they will even take my requested schedule giving me two days off in a row (wednesday and thursday) and would make me very happy. I am going to see if I can more personally tailor my schedule for fall when that finally rolls around for classes and what not.

Other than that I need to go back to running this week as I took the last two off to make sure I got everything for school as done as I could including final projects / exam preparation and a number of books read and papers written. All and all I feel like I am on the right track for life if there is such a thing and have come to realize that I can still tread on it without breaking a sweat which makes me happy.

So other plans for the summer include a couple trips up to Boston, a lot of work approximately forty hours a week each and every week. I have one trip to NYC with the family and Jenna coming a long which I plan to at least research the possibility of getting a Dunhill Made To Measure Suit done. Maybe Jenna will also buy me a nice pair of sunglasses while we are there. I have a wedding to go to on the 25th of June and must remember to request that night off for that week. Other than that nothing great on the horizon but it should be fun. I'll keep everything posted with grades coming in awfully soon and probably some stories of Summer plans if there are any interesting stories to tell.


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Does a certain amount of hard work and pain create better people or worse people?

Is our society somewhat built on trying to inflict the least amount of pain or pressure on its citizens? If it is is this at all doing our society and culture any favors?

If humanity as a whole is getting better as I like to believe it is, do we still need to have some sort of hard work / stress / pain to continue to improve us and show us what hardships we still need to overcome? Is the pleasures and little essentials of life truly mean anything to people who have always had them, can we without not having them truly understand what it is like to be without food, water or shelter? Should the industrialized countries be providing these good and services to other cultures for whatever reason don't have them at this time?

I don't really expect any answers to any of these things. They were just all thoughts I had last night while I was working remembering how happy I was to be doing well and to pay for school based off my own hardwork which sometimes I come to despise but have come to appreciate for who it is making me into. I don't think I will every really enjoy work or what I do but whatever mental or physical exhaustion I put myself through in life, there always seems to be something I get from it that I value and I hope everyone feels this way whether you are farming for your food to live or working in some professional field to provide for your family. Happy Mothers' Day hope you all have a good time.


It's really pretty outside today,

I don't have work or class at all though I do have a paper to at least outline and possibly write.

My girlfriend is home alone for a good few hours.

I just found this icon which really applies well at the moment.

Today will be a good day.


Fun, fun, fun
Today I'm going running and then working out one circuit of a full body and one circuit of specialized ab trainings. So that sounds like tons of fun. After that I'm reading one of Fredrick Douglass's autobigraphies then I'm writing papers that aren't due until next week but I am being thoughtful and getting them done now.

History teacher moved his paper to Thursday which kinda annoys me as it really decreases my need and the intelligence of getting the paper done on Monday or Sunday both of which I should have time to spare on something as interesting (read: I'm not interested in) as the rise of the Third Reich and the treatment of the Jews.

In other news bumped into Ethan tonight at CVS which was kinda strange for any number of reasons but upon finding out that his classes were done this week I no longer found it strange that he was home. Other than that not really anything special going on. This weekend is going to be boringish but only one week left of classes and then a week of exams which doesn't really count as it will be likely at worst 2 exams one day and one exam on Wednesday and Thursday. Then I'm out for the summer which makes me considerably happy, that is until I start my Statitiscs 2 class shortly after. That is reasonably short and seeing as I'm not paying for this one, I will really have less to worry about and can concentrate on what's more important in my life (read: Jenna; though Jenna will likely read it as work).

Other than that I have a haircut this week and other than that nothing remotely exciting going on and I'm really quite okay with that at this time. I can use a little relaxing time after the heavy course load and insane amount of third shift hours. Oh how I can't wait to get out of school and get a real job at some point in time. Hope you all are having a good time and enjoying this okay weather before the stormy weekend.

-Tom Duhamel

Today So Happy So Far
Since last night at around midnight, I've worked a total of 7 and a half hours, I ran 2.5 miles once I got out of work then I proceeded to do a circuit of both abs and then a total body circuit to complete my morning. Now I am going to get into some decent clothes drive over to my grandfathers and fall happily asleep knowing that I've earned it but not sleeping for too long as I can always sleep all night tonight which also makes me happy. I do have a quiz in Economics tonight so that means class gets out early which also means I can see Jenna earlier and we can do something maybe even remotely constructive if she can walk at this point. I also plan to write at least one response paper over the next three days so that little requirement will not be in my hair for next week and I can concentrate on my two larger papers before finals. So now off to bed.


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Link: The LONG Scientific Personality Test written by unpretentious2 on Ok Cupid

Today I stayed with my girlfriend who got hurt after falling down stairs. So we hung out like all day until she felt better and I had to carry her twice. I also read the Handmaiden's Tale which I really didn't like. It seems that my parents got me a new phone which is making me happyish though its two in the morning. I also got Jenna to at least consider buying me really nice sunglasses for our anniversary which was like 16 days ago but she'll probably get them like in the summer when we go to NYC or something. I hope they still have them or something like them at that time.

Other than that I have a lot of work as the semester whines down so I'm going to have to be a good little worker ant creature and get as much done as I possibly can. I stole this quiz from Jo-Anne I took it before getting the same results but I remember the description being different I believe this is just a random derivation of the Myles-Briggs Test. Well that's all for now live journal I'm going to bed nowish.



I am the Dandy

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And now off to work. Take it easy everyone.

School Returns...
So after a long and not at all studious spring break, I have to go back to school today which is all not fun or enjoyable. To be honest I really don't know what I have to have done for today so here's hoping its not too much. I probably have a quiz in Math on some kind of derivation rules and I am pretty sure History I will get my midterm exam back and then take notes. So all in all nothing I can't hack my way through, I do have a microeconomics midterm tomorrow and am hoping that I don't have notes to take after it so I can just leave and be done. I really just dislike the professor and some of the students seem kinda silly if not blatantly stupid. Thursday I probably have a quiz in Statstics and that'd be all I only got an eighty on the last one which broke my good ninety average. If I do the homework for that class on Wednesday before studying for that midterm I should be all set with the quiz which is on formulas of probability I am guessing some special kind of probablility none the less but the week off just kinda screwed me up I wish I could agree to take classes last week for some kinda less week in the summer time. I still owe about half the money for the rest of teh school term which isn't completely impossible I guess.

For the rest of the subject on money I am doing fine if not better now that my hours have gone back up to twenty - thirty rather than meager twelve of a couple weeks ago. So the next couple of checks I should be able to banks a reasonable good amount and I believe I still have the check from this week that I have to cash. Probably but them both each in their own checking accounting or simply split up the smaller one and put the bigger one straight into school spending account. I can't wait for summer with less school and more working hours so I will have the chance to save up money (though I probably will end up spending at least part of it) so I am not in such a last minute scenario for every school billing period. Oh well all in all I'll find someway to magically make it work.

I saw Jen last night, she was really good and I miss her now. I really wish she would put up an away message when she is away so I don't get all hopeful and then disappointed. We went to go see the movie Closer it was good, I thought it was twistedly funny. Then we went out to Papa Ginos and I got a steak and cheese and she got cheese breadsticks. We then hung around for a while and even played a little DDR though I only play the basic songs. She is going away next week which means depending on my work schedule I could see some of my other friends from North Smithfield that I have been very negligent about in the last couple of weeks. I should go shower now and get ready for class though to be honest I don't want to go and really feel the need to sleep another couple hours. Oh well have to do what you have to do.


It is really beautiful outside today. I wish more days were like this where the snow would just melt and we could have fresh green grass and trees that are just starting to bloom rather than the bare ones we are subjected to for the last couple of months depending on how bad the winter is. It really makes me want to walk down Newbury Street into the Pru and Copley or Fifth Ave. in NYC. Maybe spend time doing homework outside rather than in my dark room. Just having the sun shine on my face would make me happy. I miss spring, I really think it is my favorite season especially after such a dark and dreary winter that we just went through.

Work called today apparently someone changed the schedule and I was supposed to work last night, so they semi yelled at me and then asked me to come in tonight anyways so that we could get more stuff done or something. I said that was fine, its no big deal I just don't like the hassle of having to talk to them because they have never even really worked with me as 1st or 2nd shift people and don't know who I am or what I do its all rather presumptious to me for them to say anything to me regarding my work habits. In the end it would have been easier if they would have just let me come in tonight apologize to my own people and we could get on with it, rather than not have the day people get involved.

The floor people are here this week to put my wood floors in and then sand and stain them. This looks to be going on all week and I have to sleep downstairs. My furniture maybe in next week or the week after depending. My mom took me to pick out sheets and other sorts of bedding today. So hopefully some good progress will be made in the next couple of weeks with the whole goings on here.

Think I'm going to rest and take a nap and maybe do some reading before I fall asleep.


(no subject)
At the moment I find myself dangerously in love with designer sunglasses not that I really have any good reason to be I mean why not though its a little cheaper than designer clothing...I guess? My parents just hit the road for NYC which is cool I have the house to myself for the next couple days so can you say SLEEP OVER. I love sleep overs. Jared just turned 21 so happy birthday to him.

Other than that I finalized my class list and got my grades from last semester ended up with a 3.0 all B's not too bad. This semester the schedule looks something like this:

Western History - Tues, Thurs 4:00 - 5:50pm Gaige 309
Quantive Buisness Analysis 2 - Tues 6:00 - 8:50pm Gaige 256
Microeconomics - Wed 6:00 - 8:50pm Whipple 217
Buisness Statistics - Thurs 6:00 - 8:50pm Gaige 251
Western Literature - Sat 8:00 - 11:50am Craig Lee 253

So that's how this semester is unfolding. Looking to apply to Bryant to finish up the bachelor's degree. That has to be sent in on the first of May. So I have a little time left for that though I have to go to the High School and get them to send my transcript off for me which is always more work than anything else. I also have to go find out how to get my RIC transcript sent off which I'm sure won't be nearly as challenging. So if I do well this semester I can hopefully finish off the last year or two at Bryant with the help of an advisor so as not to waste anymore time.

Hopefully if I get in there as well I can look into having my parents pay for school and me helping out to a lesser basis than I am now especially if I do really well this semester and can be all like I'm going to apply myself and do well so help me out a bit so I can go back to saving some money and spending it on nice things like designer sunglasses and HUGO Boss shirts. I recently got a SAKS Fifth Ave. credit card and they have some nice Versace suits at the OFF Fifth Ave. store in Wrentham which I am all about to treat myself too if I do well in school this semester. Buckle down and hit the books.

I just finished reading Glamorama which was a pretty big mindfuck. I don't know if I mean that in a good way or not it definitely kept me entertained if nothing else. I start on Bright Lights, Big City next which I'm sure will have just as much fun in between its pages. It's good that I started reading for fun again I haven't really cracked open some books I was like remotely gushing over in a while so I'm all for that.

I also just ripped the new Killer's CD which is amazing I am definitely considering to go out and buy the actual one when I got money but no such luck as of yet. My Dad and I also rehooked up all the entertainment shit upstairs including the SNES, N64 and the PS2 which we finally got more games for than just stupid DDRMAX2. I so need to go see the Boudreau's so I can get my Garage files for GT3-A Spec, and I need Jen to give me a memory card so I can save my Xenogears progression. Right now spending most of my time playing Madden and Kingdom Hearts, the second which I am really good at and the first which I am okay at but not nearly as good as I used to be at sports game. Oh well.

Check y'all later

-Thomas Duhamel

Christmas / 2004 A Final Look
So the ending holidays went off with pretty much no new things happening. I'll give a brief update first of what I got for Christmas and then how the year closed out and the expectants for next year hopefully.

Christmas happenned in the same fashion it does pretty much every other year. Christmas eve was different as my grandmother on my father's side went down to visit my aunt in Virginia leaving all the New England familes to celebrate Christmas in their own way. As most of my relative on that side are three generations deep my family decided to take a quiet evening for ourselves and went out to eat on Federal Hill in Providence. I then went over Jenna's house and celebrated the Eve with her family before I had to go to work. (Side note: I got the job at CVS Park Square and am working third shift about 20 hours a week, hopefully more if the shift supervisor thing pans out.) On arriving home from work I awoke my parents and sister, by their request, and we proceeded to open presents.

I spent the rest of the morning sleeping until my grandparents in the afternoon and then going to see Jen's family in the evening before returning to work that night into Sunday morning. All and all Christmas was very good and I'll give a short list of the presents I received:

1. Motorola V710 (Which I am generally infatuated with)
2. Gianfranco Ferre Shirts (From Jenna)
3. Giancarlos Gift Certificate (Jen's Parents)
4. Check for School (My Grandparents)
5. The Last Samurai DVD
6. Straight Bar and New Weights
7. Expensive Hair / Skin Products

Overall there's definitely more that I am sure I am forgetting but those were the highlights that I have definitely used and enjoyed so far.

As for the recap of this year generally I've been very happy with how it has seemingly turned out. Doing better in school with the addition of me paying for school. Turns out things you pay for make you try a lot harder at. Dating Jen how she puts up with me is often hard for me to tell but I love her and hopefully she continues to tolerate me. Working out overall it was a really good year of taking care of my body as far as gym regimes go and hopefully I can continue that.

Hopes for next year:

1. Don't screw up relationship.
2. Wash / Brush and take care of body better
3. Manage Finances at a more reasonable pace
4. Get as many classes finished as I can
5. Visit / Make more friends

So there you have it my year in review hope all of you had a happy new year. I had to work tonight it wasn't all too exciting though one of my customers did give me a hug because she felt bad for me, that was sweet I guess.

-Tom Duhamel

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Today I have to go to the gym at some time or other but don't know when Jenna is around so I'm going to call soon and go get that off my list of things that I need to do. Other than that I have to get around to seeing my QBA 1 professor tomorrow to just go do a make up quiz and hopefully he'll let me study using his text book beforehand as I cannot possibly take a long time on doing the make-up quiz.

Tomorrow is my first meeting with the CVS people which I believe is like two or three hours and will get me my first paycheck in any number of weeks. So that's a good thing as I can start paying everything back and what not. So other than that life is going as normal. I have finished my Christmas shopping some how though I still need to get my Secret Santa give for Saturday night which won't be too hard but surely not super easy either. Oh well hope I can manage to do it in time. Other than that I'm sure I'll see most of those who read this on Saturday and hopefully before then.


Yay! New Job
So today I gots my new job at CVS. I was hired on the spot for third shift work and they are looking for more people if anyone is interested. Pay is pretty good considering I have retail experience. They say I should be able to become full-time as far as hours go pretty quickly if I show up for my shifts and don't sleep through them all which I'm sure will be not too hard for me to do.

Holidays are fast approaching my brainy sister comes home today at like 9:00 so I should wrap her gift or at least hide of it until a later date. I may even go up and visit her and take her home on Saturday if she doesn't have too much stuff with her. We can go shopping and out to lunch and it will be lots of fun. I am almost done my christmas shopping save for my father and my secret santa person.

Jen was really happy with the fur coat I got her so I am really happy about it too and hope it keeps her warm in the months ahead. Other than that I have nothing really intensely planned for the next couple of weeks hoping to break in the new job get some good hours there have a good time with Jen and get my spring semester classes in order as I now have a reasonably good idea of which ones I'll be needing to sign up for.

So now I am off to RIC to do some exam studying and drop off my videocassette for public speaking class which is probably horribly bad but he will hopefully be semi merciful on me.


Semester Closes
So I'm almost done this semester and finishing up my two classes. Overall for the first time I'm really kind of sad and don't know what i'm going to do what classes are over. I really think this business thing may work out *knocks on wood*. So tomorrow I have to give my final speech in public speeching and then I have QBA 1 Prep for my exam next week. I had my Intro to Business exam tonight which I did okay on. Not as great as the rest of the grades for that class but come on one mediocre grade ain't killing my average.

Last week marked my last week at Express, which is almost sad though not really anymore. I had an interview with Hollister today and should hear back from them on Thursday. So tomorrow is largely and scarily enough a waiting game and hopefully I have a job all tied up by Thursday night. Other than that I'm sure I can always bug AJ for a job at CVS if this falls through. I also have to call Hugo Boss back in January for a possible job over there after the holidays.

Christmas gifts and purchases are coming along and I am just picking up everything I could wish for this weekend. Jen if you want your gift early feel free to ask for it. I also have to shop for Secret Santa for the week after next though I can't tell who I got yet! So other than that nothing big planned. I really hope it warms up soon as it is starting to get too cold for my liking as it always does in New England.

Take Care y'all


Hey y'all
Sitting in Faunce Hall down at Brown doing nothing special. I just played a lot of Bust-A-Move and Virtua Tennis, the latter in which I made it to the finals before being crushed by Cedric Pioline iin two sets three times straight. Overall not bad I didn't have half as hard of time getting to him as I originally thought I would. The computer makes little to no mistakes at that level and I don't even know how to duplicate the shots they some how pull off in the course of a match. Nevertheless, I am determined that by the end of First Semester I will be able to beat it.

For school so far I'm not doing too bad. I got a B+ on my second test for Math with an A+ as my first grade and one more test to go. I think I may end up buying the book for next semester now as it is the same and using it to study just to guarantee an A if not a high B in the course because I did miss some quizzes early on due to the fact that I wasn't even currently enrolled in the class yet. I got a B on my first two speeches with hopefully an A to cap off the semester closing it down with a nice B+ for the semester to round out the GPA. I had my business presentation last night which was one of the first so hopefully he will go at least a bit lenient on it, though I don't think I did bad by any means.

Other than that work is work I am averaging about 20 to 30 hours a week if not more or less depending. Christmas season will surely see this number rise into the forty and maybe an occassional fifty depending when school ends and final exams schedules etc. I am beginning to plan out my course of study for next semester as well as my finances for it. I think I may have to take up working at Lincoln Woods at night next summer to help pay for college with a couple days (two - three) at Express as kinda play money that I can save up for my big expensive clothing binges.

Relationship with Jen is still going great. We each managed to survive each other's Birthdays' somehow. I got her some shoes, a necklace and we went out to Mediteraneo. She got me a bunch of great stuff which I can't even completely remember though I'm sure she would like me to I'm kinda tired at this point and a little anxious for her to be calling so we can hang out a little more before I have to go home. Plus, I think she is bringing me food though I don't know for sure on that one. Here's hoping no doubt! Anyhow tomorrow we go out with Jessie and Justin, me as usual being the only name beginning with T while the rest of my close friends / family seem to be dominated by J names. How weird is that? Then on Saturday we have some sort of ritualistic Brown Orgy to go to, though I am still betting its not going to be half as intense as Jen claims it will be. Hope all of you are doing well and see some of you soon!

-Thomas J. Duhamel

You are Reno...
You are RENO. Yeah, admit it, you're a smart-ass.

So not much has been going on recently. Went down on Yesterday to apply at J. Crew so wish me luck though hopefully I won't need it. Other than that just not much going on since the last update. Just folding some clothes and cleaning my room right now. I have work 5-11 and then 12-7. My parents are away for the weekend so I don't really know what I'm going to do but I am sure going to try and have some fun you know?

Put some new icons up or more like old Icons thats I wanted to use for a while until they bore me and I fall into something else. I have to go get back to cleaning and then studying and finishing Memoirs of a Geisha. So you all take it easy and give me a call sometime or other. You know who you are.


Autumn Stuff
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So you Trick or Treating means halloween, great holiday. Other than that not much going on school is well school and its no fun at all! Though I didn't do bad at my speech today and god knows I will do just dandy on my math exam on lines come wednesday. Buisness class has a test tomorrow I've been doing really well on most of the quizzes (90+) so hopefully I do equally well on the test. Though the schedule is so busy I have no clue when I'm going to be doing my studying. Probably late tonight and maybe even at work. Unimaginable as it may be. Other than that looking for other employment opportunites still and god knows I'm doing okay though nothing has really inspired me to go there. I really hope I get into J. Crew but I have to start all the way at the application provess :-(.

Haven't been doing much else, spending time with Jen down in Providence which is always lots of fun. Eating at Johnny Rockets maybe she'll even be old enough to go to a club sometime or other. So life in that department is well. Still planning out the holiday festivities to NY which should be loads of fun and set me back for doing stuff for the rest of the year hopefully. Hope everything is going well in the lives of others. I miss you all and hope to see you before the holidays.


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