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Playing with openSUSE today on the Lenovo X220. Really enjoying it so far, still running it off USB drive for a while. Don't want to get rid of Arch as the main OS yet, but 12.1 openSUSE does well. It was one of the first distros that I ran with a laptop that hasn't had any issues with webcams, wifi, and other usual hangups when it comes to Linux distros out of the box. I feel like most of this is due to the use of the 3.1 kernel which has been doing great with hardware integration at least for me. KDE is a pleasure to use and nice and snappy and probably comparable to how well I was able to integrate it with Arch after a number of months of downloading packages and finding out what I need.

SUSE comes pre-installed with a lot of real nice standard software. GIMP, Firefox, Chat, LibreOffice and a few games.

Haven't really played with the package management system, which will really be the defining feature of whether I switch over to this as a main OS or just leave it as a secondary option behind an ArchLinux or Windows system. The smoothness and speed of upgrades in Arch is just really good. I have yet to have a problem with dependencies yet that wasn't easily solvable and would hope that SUSE can be just as fast and not be too overwhelming with giant distribution changes which are solved by the nice rolling release ability of Arch. I would hope that updates in SUSE won't take the whole week of back ups and then updates that I used to find when playing around with Ubuntu upgrades 6 or 7 years ago before just settling on a LTS and sticking with it.

Overall I am at least going to give it a few more runs off the USB drive before possibly setting it up an off PC. Will keep updates on this if I chose to pursue it.


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