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To Sony
Okay Sony, Apple may be ahead but let's refocus:

1. Hardware - In general you were the Asian hardware electronic hardware company of the last thirty years. You are losing ground to others but its not too bad. Lets focus on creating A few really well designed products across every category. Bring Standard design cues to your televisions, game systems, dvd players, audio receivers and speakers. Let them all integrate and don't really worry terribly on the software side Google is doing a lot of the work for you.

2. Portable electronics - set three phones out and update them yearly or bi yearly. Here they are: first, gaming phone: just get rid of the vita. It's great hardware but you'd do just as well as selling these cheaper and focusing this as an entry device. You make great hardware but realistically make it an option that kids can afford and parents don't mind paying for. Sell it cheap enough and make the phone part optional. It could integrate to pre bought games and you could sell and create games over a network and have them be downloaded rather than use a cartridge or mini cd. Second, fashion phone: Make it slim and stylish like the arc. Put cheaper hardware in it and keep some standard "sony design cues." Should be your most popular model and have a great camera option. This will appeal to standard buyers who see the iphone as much as a great camera as a great phone. Third, high end phone: best tech one standard design. Easy to do just stay up with what current forum geeks are ultra excited about quad core, hd phones etc. Finally standardize all these and focus on updating internals and smoothing out software for each phone.

Give all of these the same input, put it at the bottom of the phone and match that with your walkman mp3 players. Start creating your docks and other audio components easily syncable with these so you can have another selling point for your products.

Third - Let Google handle all of your software and just smooth out the UI to integrate with your other products. Let your phones and tablets be able to send stuff to your TV and vice versa. Put Google on your t.v. and integrate with playstation the way microsoft does with their XBox.

Overall you are more than capable of handling this and getting back on top. You have a rich history of great product design just make sensible choices going forward and really study what is going on in the market. There is no reason you shouldn't be using google and android software to recreate how people experience media across their lives. Talk to doing this with computer hardware so that your awesome computer hardware can cross integrate with the rest of your systems. I am sure Google would not be opposed to having someone work on this. You can easily overtake Apple backed by Google software.

Thanks for considering this, though I doubt you will.


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