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Sigh No More
Song of the week - Mumford and Sons "Sigh No More" I have enjoyed this song for a while but it has taken over my playlist this week in an awesome way. If you haven't listened to this song, download it, stream it, whatever is necessary., it will not be a waste of your time I promise. Though it starts of kind of focusy and harmonizing the song really comes into its own in the repetitive building of the chorus. As the volume increases and additional instruments are added to the mix you cannot help but feel the urge to sing along, clap your hands and dance a little. At least I do, which I am sure has resulted in a few odd looks as I walked around these last couple of beautiful fall days. Who doesn't want to believe that "love will not betray, dismay, or enslave you; but will set you free make you more like the man you are made to be." It captures a hopefullness and a promise that something great can come out of love and life and there will bei mprovement.

Simply listen to it, the whole album is good and requires few if any skips. Not all songs are as upbeat and sing-alongy but it definitely is worth at least one sitting of your time.


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