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V for Vendetta and other things...
Last night, I finally got to go see V for Vendetta. I know I'm about two months late on that one but I do tend to be rather busy and going to see movies is sadly put on the back burner. I really enjoyed the movie, it was one of my favorites ever done where the plot was taken mostly from comic book. The movie was just beautiful to watch and the fight scenes, especially the final one was one of the best since the first Matrix movie. The plot itself I believe as most things I am sure can be interrupted in many different ways, but I took it in the sense that one should question and come to their own conclusions about the issues presented to them. I so it as rather hopeful that though the media presented the public with a bunch of cover-ups and hoaxes throughout the film that they were rarely swayed or interested in what the government wanted them to believe.

Now reading this, I feel like if anything this cynicism and distrust for authority that you often hear isn't ruining this country. While I don't believe that ignoring the system and just letting it happen should be the order of our time, the fact that you live in a red or blue state shouldn't stop your participation either way. A concerned citizen searching for the truth in the facts that they are presented or at least the truth as they most feel or understand for to really know the truth in every situation is undoubtedly impossible. I'm rambling to an extent now, but the general point of this little tangent was something in the line that participation in the system is as necessary to make a change as is the fact that you don't like or agree with whomever has been elected. It does no good to say the current government is screwing up if you aren't even going to vote on replacing some of their members.

I really also enjoyed V for Vendetta's constant allusions to various works from sections of the arts. Whether in the form of the Shakespeare quotations, the various films that had in the movie been banned, as well as various forms of music that they were blacklisting. The amount of beautiful artwork shown that was stolen from musuem archives where it was hidden from the rest of the world was completely breathless in the first shots you have while Natalie Portman walks through V's apartment for the first time. It's always breathtaking to see a piece of art outside of the strict museum context so you don't have to deal with the whole musuem atmosphere. Just having them altogether in one place spread out with very little purpose in correct or necessary positioning and the filming over each of them just to let you see for a second how many masterpieces that even someone who knows very little of art has surely seen a view of those pictured. If life was devoid of such various pleasure to the sense, whether in art, music, film or even in food where they had taken away butter from society, it would be a world that was devoid of a lot of beauty.

Other than watching V for Vendetta, I myself have done some things since the last time I posted so I'll try and give you a more brief life synopose of me at the moment. I got into Bryant and am starting in the Fall and should finish in Spring of '08 with hopefully a dual degree in Finance and Economics. My fall schedule itself is rather wortheless in that I have class at 8am every morning but at least I am out by 1pm on most days. I am taking my last two classes at RIC right now, one in Calculus III and the other in East Asian Philosophy. I'm probably making a trip with Jenna out to Westport to see her friends, and maybe one other trip with her in August. I really want to go to Boston one day too hopefully to run into Joel if he's not too busy with work and all that jazz.

Still trying to decide on getting a custom suit before the year is out but haven't come into any definite decisions. I really need to get to Boston to ask prices of the people at Saks but really no other shopping plans for this year as I've amassed a collection of clothes which now only needs basic replacement as things wear out, pending of course anything that I fall in love with and still have space I can squeeze into my closet. Guess that's all I want to write for right now. I should go work out, eat and do some more calculus homework before I fall hopelessly behind in it.



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